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Simply Register for the site.  Solely registering may enable you to receive certain free samples. Once you register confirm your registration by clicking the link in the e-mail sent to you.  You can view available freebies by logging in and clicking the "Available Offers" link.

2. Answer Questions:

Some companies prefer to give out free samples to people that are within their demographics.  Answering questions about yourself may make more free sample offers available.  To answer questions about yourself fill out our survey by logging in and clicking "Available Questions" on the left part of the screen.  All questions are 100% optional, but the more that you answer the more free samples we can find for you. Remember to be honest!  Being honest with how you answer allows us to filter out samples so that you see the free samples you are more likely to like.

3.Available Offers:

To view available offers, simply login and click view available offers on the left side of the page.  To accept an offer click the "learn more" button under each offer.  This will either take you to a page where you can accept the offer or to the page of the company that the free sample is being offered from.

4. Available Questions:

As we continue to match you with free sample suppliers, we may have additional questions to ask you. To be eligible for the most amount of samples remember to occasionally check the Available Questions section to see if there are any other questions to answer about yourself.

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