Are you looking for a way to promote your products or services through giving out free samples?

We can provide you with an easy way to reach your specific target market. SmarterSamples allows suppliers to target which consumers receive the free sample promotions based on the geographical and personal characteristics of the user.   Whether your free sample promotion is hosted on your own site or not, we can help you create a customizable campaign that fits within your budget and specific targeted demographic.


Why should my company give away free samples?

A properly managed free sample campaign can add value to your product line and get customers interested in your product or service.   Likewise a poorly run campaign can result in a PR disaster!


Some examples of well managed free sample campaigns:

Denny's Grand Slam Promotion

More coming soon!


Some not so well managed campaigns:

KFC free chicken 

More coming soon!

Let the professionals help you manage your campaign. For more information about how to get your free sample campaign managed properly please e-mail admin AT